What is a Tax Attorney?

What is a Tax AttorneySometimes you will find yourself with certain difficulties when it comes time to pay your taxes. Indeed, the source of your problems may be misunderstandings with the US Internal Revenue Service itself, or with a state department of revenue. Sometimes these issues are simply minor hiccups, which can be resolved with a phone call or a timely letter. However, sometimes, your understanding of basic taxation principles and laws may come up short. In these circumstances, it is a very wise idea not to go it alone, but to make use of a certified tax attorney. The current system of US tax law is extremely intricate and controversial, so it is definitely best to make use of a qualified professional. If you find yourself asking, “What is a Tax Attorney?”, you most likely need one!

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What A Tax Attorney Does

A tax attorney is an individual who specializes in working with tax payers, in order to quickly and efficiently solve any problems they may have with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the state revenue department. Most tax attorneys focus chiefly on issues of personal taxation relief, such as helping a tax payer get through an audit, or to have their fines or liens reduced. In addition to personal relief issues, a qualified tax attorney can help you to navigate through the confusing mine field of small business and self-employment tax issues.

Taxation Issues In Changing Times

Not only individual tax payers, but many small businesses, consider their personal tax attorney to be as vital a member of their team as their accountant, This is due to a number of reasons. Chief among them is the fact that a good tax attorney can help to identify and prevent upcoming tax problems before they begin. A qualified tax attorney is able to see potential trouble spots and issues for a business, and can advise the owner on how best to avoid them.

Tax law in the United States is a maze of contradiction and confusion which changes nearly every year. A truly qualified and professional tax attorney is one who is able to keep up with the changes that occur with every season, as well as advise his clients on how to adapt to the new conditions. A tax attorney assists their clients in setting up trust funds, portfolios, retirement and funeral plans, and the like, so that there will be no nasty surprises when April 15 rolls around.

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