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Stop IRS CollectionsIf you owe outstanding tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which you have made no attempt to pay off, you may be liable to be the unfortunate target of collection actions. If you have ignored all previous attempts by the IRS to collect back taxes, your assets (such as vehicles, real estate property, etc.) may be seized and auctioned off, or your wages may be garnished, until the amount collected is enough to satisfy the amount of your original debt, plus whatever penalties the IRS may see fit to impose. This can certainly be a devastating experience, but need not equal permanent poverty.

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If you have been unable to pay off your outstanding tax debt and have found yourself the target of such actions by the IRS, you will need to hire a qualified tax attorney in order to negotiate a settlement that will satisfy both parties and stop IRS collections activity. A professional tax debt attorney can stop these collection actions by working with you to reach a settlement with the IRS that enables you to pay off your tax debt in a timely manner. A tax attorney may also be able to reduce any penalties which the IRS has attached to your debt.

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