How to find a good Tax Attorney?

How to find a good IRS Tax AttorneyHere’s the first thing you should know when asking “How to find a good Tax Attorney?”: if you’re desperately searching for one due to a pressing problem, it’s already too late! The fact is that, before you even finalize the incorporation of your business, you should already have identified what you think your biggest areas of concern are going to be. And you should have already lined up a tax attorney to represent you. The tax attorney you hire should know you, know your business, and know all of your potential areas of concern long before the Internal Revenue Service comes to call. If you wait until a problem has already appeared to get in contact with a tax attorney, the IRS already has the advantage.

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Get Good References And Credentials

So before you do anything else, search out and hire a tax attorney you can depend on in times of trouble. If you have friends who are successful businessmen or attorneys, ask them who their tax attorneys are. A reference from a trusted friend counts for quite a lot. Another excellent idea is to check the bar association in your area. One good thing to look for is if this bar association has issued any warnings or disciplinary action against a potential choice of yours. When looking to hire a tax attorney, it’s a good idea to vet their credentials, especially in the area of accounting. You should ideally choose one who holds a CPA or, at the very least, an LLM. Anything below is useless.

Meet With Each Candidate In Person

Once you have narrowed down your search to a handful of candidates, meet personally with each of them, one by one. During these meetings, you should have a detailed discussion which concerns each and every one of your potentials problems and concerns. This meeting should last an hour or two, and be free, Any reputable tax attorney will invest this upfront time, free of charge. During this consultation, most tax attorneys will grant you one free tax law question. Make sure your one question is a good one, which relates directly to any potential problem you think your business may encounter. A good tax attorney will be able to answer this question immediately, without hesitation or delay.

Be Sure Of Their Communication Skills

Once you have met with your top choices and narrowed it down to one, give them a small problem as a test. Make sure it’s a small problem, not a huge theoretical crisis. Once you have set them this small test, stand back and observe how they handle it. Do they handle the issue expertly and promptly? While handling this issue, do they keep you fully and intimately informed of each detail and every step of the process? And, most importantly of all, can this potential tax attorney explain to you how the problem was solved, in plain English, minus the legalese? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you may just have found your perfect tax attorney. Good luck!

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