How much do Tax Attorneys charge?

How much do Tax Attorneys chargeWhen it comes to the question, “How much do Tax Attorneys charge?”, there are a number of considerations which it is wise for you to bear in mind. First of all, how complex is the problem you require help with? Is it an issue which can be quickly resolved in a matter of hours or a few days? Is it an issue which may result in heavy penalties from the IRS, such as fines, seizure of property, or even possible jail time? The severity of your tax issue will normally be what determines the extent of your tax attorney’s total fee, based on how long it takes to resolve the issue.

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Most Tax Attorneys Charge By The Hour

Very few tax attorneys will quote you a flat fee before undertaking the job on your behalf. Most qualified and reputable tax attorneys will prefer to charge an hourly rate. These hourly rates for tax lawyers may range from a low of $180 to as much as $950 per hour. Of course, these hourly “retainer” fees will depend on the complexity of the issue you put before them, as well as how long it will take to resolve it. Regardless of how much a tax attorney may charge to be put on retainer, one thing remains constant across the board. Most reputable attorneys will flatly refuse to undertake any case if it is expected that their total fee will ultimately be higher than the value of the work they undertake (i.e., if their ultimate fee would swallow up whatever settlement they win for you).

Avoid Unscrupulous Tax Attorney Impostors

When you undertake to hire a tax attorney to represent you, you should make sure to hire one who is fully documented and qualified. Make sure that they possess the requisite degrees and bar qualifications before you agree to allow them to represent you. If you are having trouble getting a so-called “tax attorney” to show you real proof of their qualifications, it is most likely because they are hiding something. You should definitely avoid hiring such a person.

Always check with the state legal bar before you hire any new tax attorney. The bar in your state will have a website, as well as easy to reference contact info, which you can use to research local tax attorneys in your area. You can also ask a qualified individual, such as your personal accountant, for a reference.

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